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You are more influential than you realize.

Our world needs you to activate your ability to influence with integrity, with your team, in your organization, your family, and your community.

Executive Core is a premier executive coaching and consulting firm with 25 years of global experience, standing ready to partner with you to achieve superlative business outcomes. 

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Create a Psychologically Safe and

Engaged Workforce

Barbara Singer

Founder, President and CEO of Executive Core

For over 25 years, Barbara Singer has been studying and teaching influence to thousands of successful business leaders, non-profit visionaries, and dedicated government and military professionals. She founded Executive Core with the mission to innovate professional development globally, for corporations and business schools alike. She and her team of 150+ global professionals are ready to guide you and your team to the next level of truly influential leadership.

"Barb's energy is magnetic. She is elegant and professional. She's light dancing on water." 

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Featured Clients

Executive Core has been a partner in RBC's "Women in Leadership" program, developing rising leaders across the organization, for over ten years.

Global Reach

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David was worth his weight in gold in terms of getting to the crux of the situation and in developing the appropriate means to the end.

John lets you know what makes sense in your thinking and how to get out of the box. You walk away with a lot more options, confidence, and poise.

Anna is a fantastic executive coach; her insights have been hugely valuable in accelerating my career.

Eileen helped me achieve a new level of performance by assisting me in setting and achieving proactive, powerful goals.

Don helped me make a much bigger impact on my organization; he was always bringing something new to the table.

Mary enhanced my leadership skills as the incoming President of Ericsson N.A

Jean is an extremely valuable business coach; she has a deep understanding of executives

Frank helps you take ownership of your company’s strategy and find their own leadership approach for success.

Najeeb is able to get the best out of people and their performance.

Tom is a walking encyclopedia of invaluable business insight.

Winston helps you leverage your strengths to manage your toughest situations.

Sonia helped me move beyond my comfort zones, experiment with new behaviors and realize success.

More than teaching strategy, Dirk has made strategy part of my daily way of thinking.

Jerome’s insight was invaluable in helping me uncover the real issues that were preventing me from moving forward with my team.

Vivien’s coaching has been invaluable; she kept me on track with meeting critical benchmarks.

Bernard knows how to challenge you and provides you an extraordinary environment for growth, leading to tangible results.

Serge brings powerful analytical and people skills and ensures that I have seen all aspects of an issue before coming up with a solution.

Among her many other gifts, Lorna brings learning agility and a commitment to the best interests of her clients to bear.

Vivien’s coaching has been invaluable; she kept me on track with critical benchmarks.

I was amazed at Anna’s clarity of thought; her excellent communication skills kept me very involved.

Melodie is an amazing listener with perceptive insights, helpful comments, and a keen ability to inspire one to action.

Govert’s adaptability to cultures, people and business challenges adds significant value.

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