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Cultivate Psychological Safety to Retain Top Talent, Boost Employee Engagement, and Ignite Innovation

Singer weaves a refined and elegant approach to spark psychologically safety and leadership in a time when people feel their workplace is more toxic than ever before. Singer shows you how accessible psychological safety is, how to grow it among stakeholders, measure to what degree psychological safety has been achieved, and finally better coach groups of people to sustain psychological safety.

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"Barbara Singer and Executive Core have been assisting in the development of Michigan’s healthcare leaders for more than a decade. Physician’s, Allied Practice Providers, and non-clinical leaders have all benefited from Ms. Singer’s facilitation of the long-standing MHA Healthcare Leadership Academy (HCLA) in partnership with major state universities. Her contribution of one-on-one coaching is what set this program apart from any other. To date, when asked what an alumnus of the MHA HCLA remembers most and made the difference in their career, consistently praise for Barbara’s contribution is always front and foremost.” 

Gary Roth, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Michigan Health & Hospital Association

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