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Professional Consulting

Executive Core meets your organization where you are and customizes our approach to maximize the investments that you have already made in growing leaders.  Our consulting combines focus on bottom-line results and leadership development on three levels:  organizational, team, and individual.

Featured Clients

Executive Core evaluated the CEO's top leaders at one of the oldest and most successful global household brands to identify key performance characteristics, propagate key behaviors, and establish a "culture of coaching" to increase teams' psychological safety and ROI returns.

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1 / Organizational

  • Customized Assessments (Self, 360º, and 720º)

  • Workforce Engagement

  • Developing/Measuring Organizational & Team Psychological Safety for Maximum Workforce Engagement—Reducing Regrettable Loss

  • Analysis of Talent Data to Identify Predictors of Success

  • Financial, Employee Satisfaction, & Innovation

  • Creating an Organizational Culture of Coaching

  • Customized Learning Experiences

  • Instructional Design (Face-to-face and online)

  • On-boarding & New Leader Programs     

  • Special approaches for Virtual, Hybrid, and Dispersed

2 / Team
  • New Team Assimilation/Acculturation

  • Team Assessment & Acceleration Events

  • Top Management Team Feedback & Development

  • Board/Governance Functioning

  • Team building & integration after acquisitions/mergers

3 / Individual
  • CEO Pulse Feedback

  • Coaching Programs for HiPo’s

  • Key Role On-boarding

  • Strategic Acumen & Pivotal Prioritization

  • Executive Pulse & Customized Coaching


Executive & Emerging Leader Education

See Our Consulting Section for Customized Approaches


Off-the-shelf Approaches for:

  • Executive & Leadership Performance Mindsets

  • Psychological Safety

  • Languages of Influence

  • Holistic Integral Leadership

  • Diversity in Leadership

  • Strategic Planning & Polarity Management

  • Visioning

  • The 3:1 Ratio:  Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • Leading Change

  • Strategic Acumen

  • Advanced Coaching Skills

  • Team Leadership

  • Board Best Practices

  • Assessment Certification for:

    • Awareness2020

    • Psychological Safety & the Languages of Influence

    • Talent Optics

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